Staff told of ambitious expansion plans

Staff told of ambitious expansion plans


Chasetown-based Cameron Homes, which has its head office in Chasetown and is this year celebrating its 25th anniversary, is set to increase total turnover to £90 million this year, together with sister company Galliers Homes, based in Shropshire

Over 100 members of staff from both businesses gathered at Weston Park for their annual conference to hear the plans for growth.

Ian Burns, CEO, told his team that progess had been exceptional over the last 12 months, with around 40 new jobs being created and ‘five star’ status being achieved from the Home Builders Federation, and this was set to continue throughout this year.

“Our operating area is widening, with new regions being created. Cameron South has just launched its new office in Stratford-upon-Avon, an East division will be created this year and Galliers is moving into Cheshire.

“We have also recently acquired new premises in Chasetown to accommodation more staff.

“It is a tribute to our people that we have managed this dynamic growth at a time when there is a skills shortage in the industry.”

He said that as well as the companies completing 330 properties in 2018, there would be major investment in training and infrastructure.

“We will also be continuing to put customers at the heart of everything we do and aim to have the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any building company in the country.

“Our investment in the training and development of our people will continue, alongside the roll out of a new IT system this year, which will improve efficiency and speed of operation throughout the firm, and the introduction of a revised and improved core house type range.

“The future is looking very bright for both Cameron and Galliers and our five year plan is to have a combined turnover of £175m by 2022, completing a total of 540 homes a year,” he added.