School opens ‘inspirational’ outdoor play centre

School opens ‘inspirational’ outdoor play centre


A Burntwood primary school has officially opened an ‘inspirational’ new outdoor play centre – a project made possible by the efforts of two local businesses.

The vibrant and impressive centre has been built for early years pupils at St Joseph & St Theresa Catholic Primary School.

Cameron Homes and Chasetown Civil Engineering, who are sister companies based in Chasetown, shared their design skills, labour and materials for the scheme.

School headmistress Isabel Walker explained that the former play centre was dilapidated and unusable.

“Cameron Homes and Chasetown Civil Engineering helped us design and build this project and their architectural manager Adrian Halsall created a masterpiece beyond anything anyone could have ever imagined - his foresight into how to make the transitional area fully sheltered but still outdoors was inspirational. 

“The use of translucent primary-coloured perspex incorporates a learning concept for the children and when the sunlight shines through a rainbow of secondary colours cascade onto the floor.

“Chasetown Civil Engineering laid the foundations and organised the structural steel work. The high ceiling gives the feeling of a vast space where the children love to explore and learn through a wide range of opportunities. 

“All the designers, planners, managers and workers from both of these companies gave above and beyond to ensure this was all completed in a short period of time – the six weeks summer holiday.

"The skills, time and unwavering personal investment the Cameron Homes and Chasetown Civil Engineering teams gave this project was immeasurable. I can not express my gratitude enough to all of them," Isabel added.

Adrian Halsall said that he decided to use the brightly coloured cladding panels to symbolise childrens’ primary introduction to school life.

“A timber fort was also created where the children can climb, crawl and hide and troughs for planting and other materials have been provided so that they can investigate, experiment and learn.

“Having seen the response of the parents, teachers and pupils I think we have not only achieved our objectives but also offered a space that encourages so much more,” he said.