Our essential guide to a stress free move.

We want to ensure that moving into a new Cameron home is an exciting and happy experience, so we’ve put together our top tips for making your move hassle free.

Plan ahead

Leaving everything to the last minute is sure to result in stress on moving day! Plan well in advance and begin packing as soon as possible, starting with non-essential items. 

Get help

If you’ll be using a removal firm, The British Association of Removers will be able to recommend a good firm in your area. Check the removers know where they are going and have directions. If friends or relatives are on hand to help too, all the better!

Label carefully

Searching through endless boxes for an essential item can be frustrating, so be sure to label them carefully. Try making a colour-coded floor plan of your new home - put coloured stickers on each box to match the relevant room to ensure everything ends up where it’s supposed to be.

Notify everyone!

As well as your bank, utility suppliers and essential contacts such as your doctor and dentist, don’t forget to provide your new address for magazine or newspaper subscriptions, council tax, schools and employers. Setting up a Royal Mail post redirection is always a good idea to catch anything you forget.

Essentials box

Pack a box with all the essential items you’ll need on your first night such as bedding, bathroom and kitchen items and vital documents. Make sure it’s loaded last and easy to find.


There’s always lots to do on moving day, but don’t forget to take the time to celebrate. Unpacking can wait, so relax and enjoy your new home!