Your new home comes with an NHBC HUG

What's an NHBC HUG?

When you buy a Cameron home, you’ll receive an NHBC HUG - an online home user guide, full of useful information on your new property. Accessible on your computer or tablet*, it’s a secure platform that gives you access to everything you need to know about your new home, whenever you need it.

Get your bearings

Your NHBC HUG will tell you all about your development, including details of your local council and utilities providers.

How to

Not sure how something works? You’ll find the operating manuals for your new boiler and appliances here, so there’s no need to rummage through drawers to find them! You can also find DIY guides and upload manuals for any new appliances you buy.

Your new home

Whatever you want to know about your new home, you’ll find it here. Along with detailed floorplans, your NHBC HUG contains information on the materials that make up your home, from the type of bricks used, to the tiles and paint colours inside.

Keep in touch

Your NHBC HUG includes details for our after-sales department, so you’ll know who to contact if any issues arise.

Your new home warranty

Our homes come with a 10 year NHBC You’ll find full details on your HUG, along with contact details for NHBC.

Helpful reminders

To make life a little easier, NHBC HUG will send you reminders for things like servicing your boiler or watering-in new turf. You can also set your own reminders for key dates like insurance renewals.

*most tablets supported

Speak to a Sales Advisor today for more details on the NHBC HUG and all the other ways we can help to make buying easier.