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A fresh new start.

We all need something to look forward to and we hope that this is where you'll find your perfect home. Choosing your new home couldn’t be easier. Search for the perfect location and pick a virtual tour to experience our homes. Our development plans will help you to pick the perfect plot.

If you’d like any advice or help our sales centre is open 7 days a week from 11am to 5pm and we’d be happy to help.

Once you reserve your home, we’ll provide all the help you need to make moving easy. And if you change your mind, your reservation fee is fully refundable.

Start your search today.


First-time buyer? Prepare to be moved.

Buying your first home is a great feeling. Its one of the best feelings you’ll have, up there with your first kiss, your first date. A place to call your own is special. It offers security, a safe place to come home to, a place to relax with friends, have a party, sleep in, paint the walls red if that’s your favourite colour. There’s no place like home and no place better than your own home.

Find our more about our First Home Plan here.